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In the beginning,

God created.

God created humanity and the rest of creation from nothing.

This means that we as people are now able to create from something.

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As individuals, we each have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual domains.

The creative contributes to holistic wellbeing in each of these domains.

Creativity and expression permeate the human experience.


olo is a Greek word meaning 'whole'. όλο. It is also the name of our research, writing, teaching and facilitation initiative. olo exists to help individuals, churches and other organizations to know how they can creatively minister to the whole needs of a person. We encourage people and organizations to be intentional in being creative in each of the four domains. We are also passionate about helping them to know what it means to be healthy and well as people and organizations. The focus of olo is on how creativity benefits us as people and organizations physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Creativity also helps us with our relationships individually and organizationally as we live in community. In fact, our website can be found at: (


Overall, we are at our best when our needs are being met, and we are seeking to meet the needs of others, in a culture of creativity in community.  

towards cultures of creativity in community

olo operates from a Christian worldview perspective. We strive to humbly be mindful of our grasp of truth at any given moment and the point of a faith journey that any person is on at any point in time. We also embrace opportunities to converse and collaborate with people who may not share our Christian beliefs as we live in community with each other.     

Be creative.

Be whole.

Part of the service of From The Top is Kev W Wood facilitating churches learning more about a variety of creative options that can be added to their worship services, events and programs beyond, and complementary to, spoken word and music in a way that connects holistically with those present.

To find out more about Kev W Wood, click here.

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