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[Note: To those of you who I have invited to share your feedback, thoughts and suggestions - my notes and questions to you will be in square brackets like this - in sections with gray backgrounds like this.]

[And the section immediately below ((although most of my comments are immediately following any given section)) is my attempt at painting the vision ... - and then a few tagline options are listed with a blue background]

Creativity and expression permeate the human experience. As individuals, we each have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual domains. The creative contributes to holistic wellbeing in each of these domains.

olo is a Greek word meaning 'whole'. όλο. It is also our name. olo is an organization that helps individuals, churches and organizations to know how they can minister to the whole needs of a person. We also help individuals to know what it means to be well and healthy as a whole person. The focus of olo is on how creativity benefits us as people physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Creativity also helps with our relationships as we live in community. In fact, our website can be found at [well - not yet]: ( Overall, we are at our best when our needs are being met, and we are seeking to meet the needs of others, in a culture of creativity in community.  



olo operates from a Christian worldview perspective. We strive to humbly mindful of our grasp of truth and the point of a faith journey that any person is on at any moment in time. We also embrace opportunities to converse and collaborate with people who may not share our Christian beliefs.     

Be creative. Be whole.

Be creative in community. Be whole.

creative culture in community

towards a culture of creativity in community

towards cultures of creativity in community

cultivating a culture of creativity in community

cultivating cultures of creativity in community

Other? = ...

[1) A) I see the 'o' (circle) and 'l' (line) as having potential for graphics - either i) static or ii) animated (i.e. the circles and line of the word moving to form a a graphic). See also below. I don't have samples at the moment - but I will try to play around and get some low-tech ones and/or do some animated on Photoshop.

B) The blue and white logo is a sample from another 'olo' entity.

C) Web domain tentatively to be ''. It's nice and short, and is available. ((It could be - but there are one or more other entities called 'olo creative'. ?))

[2) Above - a rough, initial, working draft seeking to allude to the reason for existence, purpose/mission and vision for olo Creative Community.

[ 3 We will have A) a logo (see #1 and #2) and also B) a primary graphic - thus most of the graphics below. Our logo won't be a medicine wheel (as per immediately above) but I've included one here to illustrate how the 'o' (circle) and 'l' (line) of the word 'olo' can also be used to draw such a relevant ((logo or primary)) graphic ((as per my comment in #1 above)).]

[ 4) Okay, so I really like this graphic (visually - more than the content to the left and right). While this one may be a doman of resilience, the word 'creative' and/or 'wholeness' could be put in the centre circle where 'coherence' is on this one.] 

[ 5) I don't like the schematic quite as much - although the text is a bit more applicable.]

[ 6) A different look, with a similar word in the middle - where 'creativity' or 'wholeness' could be put.]

[ 7) Re: #3-6 and #7 here - whereas this one has 5 domains - I favour four domains - with (('social' or 'community' or)) 'relationships' A) permeating and/or B) overlaying ((i.e. being one larger circle behind)) and/or C) other?]  

[ 8) Ditto, and further, to #10 - and it's inclusion of the word 'social' - I like the use of the word 'community' here - the other words not as useful.]

[ 9) Interesting the the word 'spiritual' is in the centre, overlapping portion here.]

[ 10) Included to show another graphic look - while still using a circle and lines.]

[ 11) ditto to #10 = Included to show another graphic look - while still using a circle and lines.]

[ 12) While not what we'd use for a primary/key graphic - the look is consistent, and the various headings and content could be useful for individual blog posts.]

[ 13) The text in the four quadrants has potential for later blog post use - i.e. the implementation of the creative and arts in the local church and its programs/events. ((The source website is also excellent lots of suggestions/ideas and short videos through the page/post.))]

[ 14) Just included to provide a sample of another look. This one is illustrative of a larger circle behind.]

[ 15) Just included to provide an indication of numbers of dimensions that are sometimes used.]

[ 16) I like the words self-expression/expression here - and, again, another sample.]

[ 17 And here - 'wellness' in the middle and 'social' also.] 

[ 18) The article behind this one looks interesting. I'd like to read it.]

[ 19) Three overlapping circles - and I find the labels for the circles interesting - to include as part of my research.]

[ 20) Another sample.

[ 21) I don't plan on using the image of the feather - but this additional sample included here.

[ 22) I have rewritten my bio/profile to be shorter, less detailed ((less like a curriculum vitae)) and more relevant to the purpose, mission and vision of 'olo'. 

Kev W Wood

Kev W Wood has acquired knowledge and skill in physical arts, and other areas, from training and experience. and has served as the founding President of From The Top Arts since 1991. From The Top is a registered charity.

Kev's training has included learning from several arts Masters throughout North America, and studying at a post-secondary performing arts college program in Pasadena, California. 

Kev holds undergraduate degrees in theology, fine arts and social work and a graduate degree in the performing and visual arts. He has taught and directed the physical arts at the post-secondary level as adjunct faculty.

Opportunities have included Kev performing and teaching in nine Canadian provinces, approximately 35 U.S. states, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Australia. Kev's wife, Becky, is also a talented performer and has performed with him. Kev has choreographed over 100 physical theatre pieces, written over 100 drama sketches, and a number of one act plays and sketch scripts. Kev has been a performing member of two physical arts troupes and facilitated the establishment of several others.

Kev has experience in church ministry. He has served as a church board member. Kev has served on church staff as a producer of services and a creative arts director. At his church in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, where Kev and his family worship and serve, Kev has served as a volunteer as the video camera operators team lead, video editor, video director and a small group leader. Kev currently leads PiiiX Photography Community, a network life group.

Kev's life passion is to facilitate the betterment of the lives of others. He has been serving as a registered clinical social worker for 10 years.  

Kev enjoys reading and his service researching, writing, presenting and teaching. 


Favourite pastimes of Kev's include photography and volleyball. Becky and Kev are grateful for the two wonderful teenage children they have.

Kev W Wood

White Structure

Bachelor of Theology (Arts/Bible)

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama)

Bachelor of Social Work

(Kev's a Clinical Social Worker)

Master of Visual and Performing Arts (Theatre)

"Kev W Wood's range of artistic communication is refreshingly creative. His performances are always warmly welcomed. Kev's presentations are sincere and authentic and are filled with passion and effort. Kev's passion is easily read in the sincerity in his face every time he performs and teaches. Kev's performances and workshops are inspiring."  

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