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Creatives Connecting

Creatives Connecting is a virtual, common interest small group. It provides an opportunity for creatives/artists to connect and interact online - regardless of where on our great planet a person lives.  The book The Heart of the Artist (by Rory Noland) will be read and discussed this fall by means of a private blog.  Group members are responsible to obtain their own copy of The Heart of the Artist by October 7.  For those who are able to attend - our Creatives Connecting small group will get together in person in Winnipeg twice this fall.

Creatives/artists who are able to commit to being a part of Creatives Connecting participate by reading one to two chapters of a book - that is relevant to creatives/artists - one week, posting responses to questions the following week, reading another one to chapters the following week, and so on. In striving to ensure a safe and respectful online environment - posts are moderated. This fall and winter we will be reading and responding to each of the chapters in The Heart of the Artist. A second book relevant to creatives/artists will be read and discussed between January and June 2020.

If you are interested and would like to be kept updated as we finalize details please let us know through our 'Contact Us' form here on our website.

Creatives Connecting is facilitated and moderated by Kev W Wood - From The Top's founding Artistic Director and President, who is also a small group leader at Riverwood Church Community (

Over the past 26 years Kev has had the opportunity and privilege of helping to facilitate churches (on 3 continents) having their arts training and ministry needs met, and establish church arts ministry teams in Toronto, Winnipeg and elsewhere.  This has included churches averaging from 100 to over 3000 attendees on a Sunday morning.  Kev also has experience serving on church staff teams as a Producer of Services and Director of Creative Arts.  At his home church of Riverwood Church Community in Winnipeg Kev serves in a volunteer capacity as a small group leader, video director and photographer. Itinerant arts ministry has included 9 Canadian, provinces, more than 40 U.S. states and internationally with From The Top Arts was in addition to this.

For more information on Kev's training and experience please see the 'Kev W Wood' page.

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