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The Restless Artist

I once apologized to a pastor of mine for being a “restless artist.” This was in reference to myself as an artist seeking to find my place of worshipping and serving in the local church, and also advocating for more artistic elements in worship services. As I’ve reflected over this moment in time and my pairing of these words - “restless artist” - I have realized there was no need for myself as an artist to apologize. Each artist should indeed be restless - eager to express through their art. I also think of my artistic ministry with the charity From The Top with which I serve and how I’ve been realizing that not only is my work with From The Top not done but that there is still a great need to facilitate church leaders (some of whom are artists themselves) and artists to collectively learn about the biblical and theological place of the arts in local churches and our surrounding communities. I look forward to continuing on this journey of study, research, writing, teaching, and artistic ministry.  (As part of this journey, I have registered the domain - which is pointed to this site also []).

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