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Q2Q Arts Training

Kev and his wife Becky have led and taught Q2Q Arts Night at Riverwood Church Community in Winnipeg.  Q2Q Arts Night is a weekly training and rehearsal evening where members of the physical arts small group ‘Keneesis’, of Riverwood, have the opportunity to learn and practice such areas of the physical arts as Musical Sign, Mime, Drama and Worship Flags.  Music Sign is the signing of songs.  It is based on sign language but no previous knowledge of sign language is needed.  There are two age groups: ’12 and Older’ – including adults, and ‘Under 12’ – Grades 1-6.  Members, if wanted, may have opportunities to minister through the physical arts with Keneesis at various Riverwood services, events and programs.  Ministry outside of Riverwood's programs is done on behalf of From The Top Arts.  Please see the 'Q2Q Arts Training' page here for more details.  If you are interested please let us know through our 'Contact Us' form here on our website.  Members can join and start at any time.

Q2Q is led and taught by Kev W Wood - From The Top's founding Artistic Director and President.


Over the past 29 years Kev has had the opportunity and privilege of helping to facilitate churches (on 3 continents) having their arts training and ministry needs met, and establish church arts ministry teams in Toronto, Winnipeg and elsewhere.  This has included churches averaging from 100 to over 3000 attendees on a Sunday morning.  Kev also has experience serving on church staff teams as a Producer of Services and Director of Creative Arts.  Itinerant arts ministry in 9 Canadian, provinces, more than 40 U.S. states and internationally with From The Top Arts was in addition to this.

Instruction is also provided by guest instructors. For more information on Kev's training and experience please see the 'Kev W Wood' page.


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