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The Troupes: From The Top and Keneesis

From The Top Arts was founded in September, 1992 because of a need for an itinerant arts ministry team with unique specialties. It was registered as a Canadian charity in 1996.  Keneesis was established as a physical arts team (a small group) of Riverwood Church Community in 2019.  The two troupes - From The Top and Keneesis - specialize in (French Classical) Mime, (The Wood Method of) Musical Sign, Flags and Drama.  From The Top and Keneesis strive to Exalt, Encourage and Educate through the physical arts.

Led by founding President and Artistic Director
Kev W Wood,
performance and teaching and other service
is carried out by Kev
and members of the troupes
'Keneesis' (of Riverwood Church Community)
and'From The Top' (left to right):
Amanda Sherman [nee: Ching],
Edith Chan [nee: Lai],
Becky Linde [nee: McDonald],
and others.

In the past the troupe From The Top and/or its members have performed in church services and events, schools (post-secondary, secondary, elementary), residential and day camps, a federal penitentiary, hostels, a home for abused women, banquets, picnics, weddings, malls, arts festivals, youth clubs, events and retreats and at other venues such as parks and on the street.

"deep impact"

In the summer of '97, From The Top toured Canada, coast to coast, for five months. Since then, From The Top and/or Kev Wood have performed in nine Canadian provinces, approximately 35 U.S. states, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Australia.

From The Top, led by Kev Wood, is highly professional and communicates artistically in a most effective manner.

In the past the members of the performing troupe From The Top have displayed a wide range in ages and have represented different ethnic groups, churches and denominations.

My wife and I had the privilege of sharing in this ministry at Jacksons Point Camp. To say that we were deeply moved is to greatly understate the experience that was ours. On many occassions during the evening, we were lost in wonder, love and praise.  Without hesitation, I endorse the ministry of From The Top. It will provide you with an experience you will never forget.

From The Top and/or Kev Wood have shared the stage Juno and other awards nominees and winners.

The group performs at a professional level. Kev Wood, the President, is an outstanding person whose mission is to use his life talents and those of the group to encourage and educate people.

Keneesis, a small group/troupe, learns and practices such areas of the physical arts as Drama, Physical Theatre, Musical Sign and Flags. No previous knowledge of sign language is needed.  There are two age groups: ’12 and Older’ (including adults) and ‘Under 12’ (Grades. 1-6).  Members may have opportunities to perform at services, events and programs.

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