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  • The Meeting of Emotional Needs by the Church

    Question: How can churches better meet the needs of a person's emotional domain? What is your response to the following?: "To better meet the needs of a person's emotional domain, churches can consider implementing the following approaches: Foster an inclusive and accepting community: Churches can create a welcoming environment that embraces diversity, where individuals feel accepted and supported regardless of their background, beliefs, or struggles. This can help cultivate a sense of belonging and promote emotional well-being. Provide support groups and counseling services: Churches can offer support groups and counseling services led by trained professionals or volunteers to address specific emotional needs, such as grief, addiction, or mental health challenges. These services can provide a safe space for individuals to share their struggles, receive emotional support, and find guidance. Offer programs promoting emotional intelligence: Churches can organize workshops or educational programs that focus on emotional intelligence, helping individuals understand and manage their emotions effectively. These initiatives can provide practical tools and strategies for emotional well-being, enhancing personal growth and fostering healthier relationships. Encourage self-care and self-reflection: Churches can emphasize the importance of self-care and self-reflection as integral parts of a person's spiritual journey. This might involve encouraging practices such as meditation, journaling, or engaging in hobbies that promote emotional well-being. By emphasizing self-care, churches can empower individuals to prioritize their mental and emotional health. Incorporate empathy and active listening: Church leaders and members can actively practice empathy and hone their listening skills. By genuinely listening to others without judgment and seeking to understand their emotions, churches can create a compassionate atmosphere where people feel heard, validated, and supported. Remember, each person's emotional needs are unique, so it's important for churches to be adaptable and responsive to the specific needs of their congregation." Reference: OpenAI. (2023). ChatGPT (October 29)

  • The Meeting of Mental Needs by the Church

    Question: How can churches better meet the needs of a person's mental domain? What is your response to the following?: "Improving mental well-being is an important aspect of holistic care that churches can focus on. Here are a few ways churches can better meet the needs of a person's mental domain: Education and Awareness: Churches can offer educational programs and events that raise awareness about mental health issues, reduce stigma, and promote understanding. This can include workshops, guest speakers, or support groups. Pastoral Care and Counseling: Churches can invest in trained pastoral care providers or collaborate with mental health professionals to offer counseling services. Having a safe space where individuals can seek guidance and support for their mental health challenges can be invaluable. Support Groups: Establishing support groups within the church community can create a sense of belonging and facilitate peer-to-peer support. These groups can be focused on specific mental health conditions or general well-being. Integration of Mental Health in Worship: Churches can incorporate mental health themes in sermons or prayers to normalize conversations about mental well-being. This signals that the church recognizes and values the importance of mental health within the spiritual journey. Creating a Welcoming Environment: It is important for churches to foster an inclusive and non-judgmental atmosphere where individuals feel comfortable sharing their struggles. This can be achieved by training church leaders and volunteers to respond with empathy and by avoiding stigmatizing language. Collaborating with Community Resources: Churches can collaborate with local mental health organizations or professionals to provide resources and referrals to community members in need. Remember that each church community is unique, so it's crucial to assess the specific needs and preferences of the congregation to tailor the approach accordingly." Reference: OpenAI. (2023). ChatGPT (October 29)

  • The Meeting of Physical Needs by the Church

    Question: How can churches better meet the needs of a person's physical domain? What is your response to the following?: "To better meet the needs of a person's physical domain, churches can consider implementing various initiatives and practices. Here are a few suggestions: Healthy living programs: Churches can organize workshops or programs that promote physical well-being, such as exercise classes, nutrition seminars, or cooking demos. These initiatives can help congregants make informed choices about their health and incorporate healthier lifestyles. Wellness resources: Churches can create resources or provide information on mental health services, counseling, support groups, and community health clinics. By partnering with healthcare professionals and organizations, churches can offer guidance and support for individuals struggling with physical health issues. Accessibility: Churches should ensure their facilities are accessible to people with disabilities. This includes features like wheelchair ramps, accessible parking spaces, and accessible restrooms. Implementing these accommodations fosters inclusivity and ensures that everyone can fully participate in church activities. Health-focused events: Organize events that promote physical well-being, such as health fairs, blood drives, or walkathons. These activities can engage the community, raise awareness about health-related issues, and encourage individuals to prioritize their physical health. Care and support: Churches can establish care teams or ministries focused on supporting congregants who are dealing with physical health challenges. This might involve providing meals for those who are sick or recovering, organizing transportation to medical appointments, or offering prayer and emotional support. Remember, the specific needs of each church community may vary, so it's essential to assess the local congregation's requirements and involve members in decision-making processes. By prioritizing physical well-being, churches can create an environment where individuals can find holistic support for their needs." Reference: OpenAI. (2023). ChatGPT (October 29)

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  • Home | From The Top Arts | performing and visual arts | positive artistic impact

    Welcome From The Top has been achieving positive creative and artistic impact since 1992. This has included such areas of the performing and visual arts as drama, physical theatre, photography and other art forms that expressed through From The Top Arts . It also includes olo Creative Community - which is our research, writing, teaching and facilitation arm. From The Top operates from a Christian worldview. From The Top has been a registered Canadian charity since 1996. ​ Express Encourage Educate Part of the service of From The Top is Kev Wood facilitating churches learning more about a variety of creative options that can be added to their worship services, events and programs beyond, and complementary to, spoken word and music in a way that connects holistically with those present. "mesmerizing" Kev and/or the troupe From The Top Arts are booked to perform or teach in services, events, programs, conferences, workshops and more. "spiritually profound" What people are saying about the ministry of From The Top: "You have a real gift. Thank you for using it to spread God’s abounding love to His people. "I highly recommend Kev W Wood of From The Top Arts. Students from JK through Grade 8 were engaged in the message that Kev gave and the way it was performed." - School Principal "I am so glad we were able to have you at our school. I have heard nothing but positive comments from students and staff about what a blessing this morning was." - School Principal "Way beyond awesome" "Powerful and beautiful" - Worship Leader "powerful" On our blog page you can subscribe to and follow Kev's blog - 'The Restless Artist' - where he shares his reflections on the arts from nearly 40 years of training and experience in the arts and with what he is interacting now. This includes what Kev is reading, researching, watching, interactions with people and other experiences. Posts are written with the objective of not taking more than 1-2 minutes to read. "beautiful" Kev writes, "I read the following words by Janice Elsheimer in her book The Creative Call : 'Our gifts are not from God to us, but from God through us to the world. When we fail to use these gifts, we suffer the same way a person accustomed to regular physical activity may feel pent up, out of sorts, and off-balance after going for several days without exercise. When we try to live without exercising our artistic gifts we may feel RESTLESS [emphasis Kev's] and empty. Life lacks fullness. Something buried deep within longs to emerge.' "engaging"

  • The Troupes | From The Top Arts

    The Troupes: From The Top and Keneesis From The Top Arts was founded in September, 1992 because of a need for an itinerant arts ministry team with unique specialties. It was registered as a Canadian charity in 1996. Keneesis was established as a physical arts team (a small group) of Riverwood Church Community in 2019. The two troupes - From The Top and Keneesis - specialize in (French Classical) Mime, (The Wood Method of) Musical Sign, Flags and Drama. From The Top and Keneesis strive to Exalt, Encourage and Educate through the physical arts. Led by founding President and Artistic Director Kev W Wood, performance and teaching and other service is carried out by Kev and members of the troupes 'Keneesis' (of Riverwood Church Community) and ' From The Top' ( left to right): Amanda Sherman [nee: Ching], Edith Chan [nee: Lai], Becky Linde [nee: McDonald], and others. In the past the troupe From The Top and/or its members have performed in church services and events, schools (post-secondary, secondary, elementary), residential and day camps, a federal penitentiary, hostels, a home for abused women, banquets, picnics, weddings, malls, arts festivals, youth clubs, events and retreats and at other venues such as parks and on the street. "deep impact" In the summer of '97, From The Top toured Canada, coast to coast, for five months. Since then, From The Top and/or Kev Wood have performed in nine Canadian provinces, approximately 35 U.S. states, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Australia. From The Top, led by Kev Wood, is highly professional and communicates artistically in a most effective manner. In the past the members of the performing troupe From The Top have displayed a wide range in ages and have represented different ethnic groups, churches and denominations. My wife and I had the privilege of sharing in this ministry at Jacksons Point Camp. To say that we were deeply moved is to greatly understate the experience that was ours. On many occassions during the evening, we were lost in wonder, love and praise. Without hesitation, I endorse the ministry of From The Top. It will provide you with an experience you will never forget. From The Top and/or Kev Wood have shared the stage Juno and other awards nominees and winners. The group performs at a professional level. Kev Wood, the President, is an outstanding person whose mission is to use his life talents and those of the group to encourage and educate people. Keneesis, a small group/troupe, learns and practices such areas of the physical arts as Drama, Physical Theatre, Musical Sign and Flags. No previous knowledge of sign language is needed. There are two age groups: ’12 and Older’ (including adults) and ‘Under 12’ (Grades. 1-6). Members may have opportunities to perform at services, events and programs.

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